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Tino Cochino Radio

Tino Cochino Radio is the fastest growing radio show in the country currently airing in 65+ cities. The cast includes Tino Cochino, Serina Perez,...Full Bio

Sniffing Butts

#290 - Flat Earther

This week, Tino's second guessing a surgery for his dog. Serina's husband thinks earth is flat. Matt blocked a neighbor and Nicasio didn't show up because he took a random ass vacation. Enjoy!

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Instagram: @tinocochinoradio

Aware and Accountable (Ep80)

This week, Tino answers questions from IG Live and also shares a clip that will hopefully make you self reflect before pointing the finger. Enjoy!

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Instagram: @tinocochinoradio


A TCR listener just got told "I love you!!" on a THIRD date, Serina wonders if it's a "man thing" to not notice when women get their hair/nails done, Are You Smarter Than Nicasio, Tino blows everyone's mind with the pronunciation of a well-known hotel brand, and Matt breaks down the IOS updates...

Puppy ACL

A TCR listener thinks his coworker might hate him, Tino's considering knee surgery for his fur-baby, Are You Smarter Than Nicasio, Serina understands why milennial women like nerdy men, and Matt's potty mouth is featured heavily on TinoTV...


A TCR listener is NOT a fan of the baby name her husband picked, Tino doesn't believe an influencer that says "money doesn't buy happiness", Nicasio gets very confused when ordering a shake, and Matt has tips to live to 100...

Traffic Cones

A TCR listener might have the most "Karen" neighbor ever, Matt wonders if EVERY woman is late to EVERYTHING, Are You Smarter Than Nicasio, Serina opens up about "Mom Guilt", and Tino calls out a couple that might have had the wost date EVER!

I Still Suck at Guitar

A TCR listener is fighting with her husband about posting their baby on IG, Serina spills the tea, Nicasio's having an extremely insecure moment, Tino shares some weird texts from his mom, and Matt shares "positives" that come from gaming...

Listener Love (Ep79)

This week, Tino shares some very toching listener DM's and also breaks down the hardest truths about relationships. Enjoy!

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Hard Head

A TCR listener is having MAJOR roommate issues, Serina had MAJOR FOMO about missing the Drake concert, Tino talks the new iPhone 15 features, Are You Smarter Than Nicasio, and Matt has dad-guilt for spanking his son...