Surveillance Captures MGK & His Crew Beating Up An Eminem STAN.

Surveillance captures MGK & his crew beating up an Eminem STAN who called MGK a P****y after the artists recent back and forth feud. Although the rap beef didn't see much light after Eminems response (Killshot) video recently surfaced of an Eminem fan (Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez) allegedly being jumped by MGK and his crew. You can see MGKs clear discomfort and anger in the video that G-Rod posted. Do you think he deserved this beating or should have MGK and his crew just let it go. After all, he is just a fan and posed no real threat or aggression. Maybe he'll get a fat paycheck? Who knows. 


The surveillance video from a hotel lobby shows MGK & his crew jumping Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez. The man who body-slammed the Gabriel is believed to be Kelly’s personal bodyguard. This all stems from the man calling Machine Gun Kelly a "P****" moments earlier. Posted By Persist



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