Kindness Rocks Hidden All Around Tucson


In April 2017, the Tucson mom started a Facebook group for people to rally around a simple way to spread encouragement — painting and hiding rocks. Since then, Ahaszuk's Facebook group Hide Tucson Rocks has grown to about 6,800 members. And she says she adds 100 to 200 new members every week. 

The idea is simple. Paint a rock with encouraging words, a cheerful image or fun colors (and the handle @HideTucsonRocks so people can find the group later) and then hide it somewhere. In the Facebook group, people share photos of the rocks they've painted and found. It's like a giant scavenger hunt that never ends. 


This is pretty awesome if you ask me! Have you ever found one of these and wondered who left it there?

SHARE YOUR KINDNESS ROCKS WITH US! For more information, check out the Hide Tucson Rocks Facebook group

Content Source: ThisIsTucson