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Tucson Saguaro Flowers Are Here! 10 Things To Know About This Desert Bloom:


You might have been driving around Tucson these last few weeks and noticed our beloved saguaros have blooming beautiful flowers. Here are a few things you might want to know about these white dazzlers and why they're so important to our amazing Sonoran Desert.

1. Peak blooming is from early May to early June

2. They have a short lifespan 

3. A single saguaro can produce as many as 100 flowers in a season.

4. They get a little help from their friends

5. But their bestie for life is the bat

6. They smell delightful

7. It's the official state flower of Arizona

8. They turn into fruit 

9. The fruit is edible 

10. You can find them all over the desert


Credit Source: This Is Tucson

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