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The Future Of Your Zoo, Reid Park Zoo

The future of Reid Park Zoo is brighter and bigger than ever before!

The zoo will be transformed into one of the best in the nation — and even more of a national leader in animal care and conservation. 

You’ll be transported around the world as we expand into Asia with thematic habitats, an adventurous tree-top playground, and more opportunities to get up close to some of your favorite animals. You’ll explore through the winding paths of Africa to see the two-story African Safari Lodge, have a once in a lifetime experience during a rhino encounter, and enjoy the underwater hippo viewing area and so much more! They have already started painting, repairing and refreshing the zoo into phase 1: 


We’re bringing Asia to you!! The zoo’s footprint will be expanded with the addition of a new themed area where you’ll stroll through ancient Asian temple ruins. You’ll get up close to lorikeets, Malaysian tigers and the brilliant colors of the region’s birds. Huge siamangs will swing overhead as their songs resonate around you. Next you’ll find underwater views of playful otters, and a new reptile house – including the Komodo dragon – as well as large fruit bats. Kids will love exploring an exciting treetop play area near the Conservation Learning Center, which will have a new themed room for birthday celebrations. This phase also will include improvements to the zoo Welcome Plaza, including a palm grove, plus more shade and seating. When you enter, you’ll be greeted by a vibrant flock of flamingos.


Phase 2 will take you on a safari to Africa! You’ll have a spectacular view of the continent’s most beloved animals all in one place – lions, elephants, and a close-up look at rhinos — during a feeding experience. Your journey will take you to see wild dogs, towering giraffes, zebras, gazelles and other hoofstock. Kids will have another area to explore with a new play area with tunnels and pop-up viewing spots to get close to the perky meerkats. A village of iconic round African homes will welcome you as you head to the beautiful new lodge, with balconies on three sides and seating for 400, that will blend into the African landscape of the new habitat.


Phase 3 will make your zoo’s existing South American habitat, including the Temple of Tiny Monkeys, even better! The entry will be expanded to include a Mayan Temple and another playground for more opportunities for adventure with small animal habitats throughout. You’ll enjoy more room with additional windows and closer pathways to an expanded Andean bear habitat. And, an expansion of the gift shop is planned.

Content Source: Reid Park Zoo

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