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10 Best Tucson Murals

Have you noticed the murals popping up all over Tucson?

It may be the colors it may be the size or just simply the murals personalities but it sure is hard to ignore all of the amazing art popping up all over Tucson. Whether you're looking for your next inspiration or your next instagram post, here are some murals you may want to check out!

1) "Goddess of Agave" Mural : This mural is a 40 foot created by Rock Martinez. The woman in the mural is painted in the likeness of Brandi Watkins who is Martinez's girlfriend. It's one of eight murals done last summer as part of the Tucson Mural Arts Program. Located on 440 N. Seventh Ave


2) "Tucson Bikes" Mural: 130 feet wide and 30 feet tall mural is located on Sixth Street and Stone Avenue created by Joe Pagac. This mural is a great representation of our bike friendly Tucson.


3) "Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in Menlo Park" Mural: This mural was created by Rock Martinez. Lives on the south of Mercado San Agustin.

4) “Vergiss” by Fin DAC Mural:  Find this stunning piece at 178 East Broadway in a tiny parking lot next to Even Steven's Sandwiches. Fin DAC travels around the world and paints women of East Asian cultures with the intention of breaking stereotypes surrounding women in that culture. Look at all that detail in her eyes & hair.  Her arm reads "Forget Me Not". 


5) "Tucson Mural":  A Collaboration of 6 different artist all involved with the Tucson Arts community. Each one takes on their own letter incorporating a political or cultural message. Located on Stone & Speedway in front of PCC.

6) "Harboring Beauty" Mural: This mural was created by Joe Pagac. Fun Fact: Joe paid homeless men and women to pose for the mural. "The concept is something perceived as ugly harboring something beautiful inside and protecting it," Pagac said. Located on 191 E. Toole Ave.

7) "Phoenix Mars Mission" Mural: This 1,200-square-foot creation that at one point was Tucson's biggest mural, according to the Tucson Citizen. The mural was created in 2006 by a group of University of Arizona art students. Located on the south wall of the Micheal J. Drake building.

8) "Serape Sunrise" Mural: Created by Rock "Cyfi" Martinez. Fun Fact: If you look closely to the mural you can see a hidden UFO.  It is located on the South Side of Tucson, at Desert Suds CarWash on South 12th Avenue. 

9) Unknown (Comment or message us if you know!) This beautiful piece of Art is on the corner of 6th St. and Broadway painted on the North wall of Wavelab Recording Studios. Fun fact is that the bottom is curved out onto the Pavement of the parking lot.

10) UNKNOWN mural. But definitely our favorite thus far! If you have any information on this painting let us know. 


Joel Valdez is the artist behind this mural! Rock Martinez was assisting him on it. It’s a work in progress and this is what it currently looks like.

Did we miss any? Do you have more great pictures? We want to see them all!

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