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Science Confirms There Is A Right Answer In The How To Hang Toilet Paper

Toilet paper

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How do you hang your toilet paper when you start a new roll? Do you hang it with the end going over the top of the roll or with the end under the roll, near the wall?

For something as relatively inconsequential as toilet paper, the debate among people on the two sides can get pretty heated. There are some who strongly believe that the only way to properly hang toilet paper is with the end going over the top, while others are positive the opposite is true.

According to a new study, the “right” way to hang toilet paper is with the end going over the roll — and it’s actually better for your health that way, particularly in public restrooms!

Inc.reports that a study conducted at the University of Colorado found that even apparently spotless public bathroom are filled with germs:

Using a high-tech genetic sequencing tool, researchers identified 19 groups of bacteria on the doors, floors, faucet handles, soap dispensers, and toilets of 12 public restrooms in Colorado — six men’s restrooms and six women’s restrooms. Many of the bacteria strains identified could be transmitted by touching contaminated surfaces.


The study suggests that, because of this, using toilet paper hungover instead of under the roll decreases the likelihood that germ-filled hands will touch the wall, leaving a deposit of bacteria on the wall that could be picked up by others using the bathroom and reaching for toilet paper.


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