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There's An Enchanting Hidden Cave With Sapphire Water In Arizona


There's a hidden cave in Arizona that has some of the bluest and clearest water we've ever seen. This sapphire oasis can be found near a popular hotspot, making it an amazing find.

This hidden gem is located at Fossil Creek southeast of Camp Verde, Arizona. The area has a waterfall and beautiful clear water swimming holes. You'll need a $6 permit to access the trails, you can buy one here. Permits and hiking here are available year-round so that you can enjoy the area no matter the time of year.

The hike to the waterfall is about 2-miles roundtrip. This beautiful sapphire water cave can be found downstream away from the waterfall. More details on the location can be found here.

Who's with me??

Waterfall Trail on Fossil Creek

Price: $6 permit needed until Oct. 1

Location: Near Camp Verde, AZ

Why you should go: A short hike will lead you to a beautiful clear waterfall, and downstream a hidden cave with sapphire-colored water! 

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