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Employee Accidentally Wrote ‘Loser’ On A 2-Year-Old’s Birthday Cake


Birthday parties are supposed to be fun. But there’s nothing fun about being called a “loser” — especially when you’re only 2-years-old.

According to sources, Melin and Dan Jones from Bonne Terre, Missouri, were preparing to throw their youngest daughter, Elizabeth, a party for her birthday. Melin Jones ordered a cake from her local grocery store and asked the bakery department to write, “Happy Birthday, Lizard” on the cake since Lizard is the family’s nickname for Elizabeth.

After picking up the cake, they noticed a glaring error written in big, red cursive letters across their daughter’s cake. It read, very clearly: “Happy Birthday Loser.”

Poor, little Lizard.

Mistakes always happen right? What would you have done in this situation? 🎂😱

This is the mom's response after getting a lot of negative feedback::

I can’t believe I actually have to say this but my child can not read and we didn’t tell her what it said EVEN if we did tell her that the cake said loser she doesn’t know what a loser is . So chill. Laugh , it’s funny .

Content Source: KVOA

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