Here’s Why Scientists Say Eating Boogers Could Be Good For You

Parents are always telling kids not to pick their nose, and especially not to, ahem, eat their findings. “It’s gross,” we discourage. “You’re going to get sick!”

Well, that may not actually be true. In fact, research actually says otherwise: That eating your boogers could help to keep you healthy.

Yep, it sounds crazy, but it’s true: Research has found that there is bacteria in our boogers that is actually good for our oral hygiene. Scientists have found that the “salivary mucins” in our mucus can help to protect our teeth from developing cavities. 

One scientist has even said that boogers could help boost the body’s overall immunity. The idea falls into the “hygiene hypothesis,” which posits that exposure to germs and certain infections at a young age could actually help build a child’s immune system.


Source Credit: Simplemost

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