Uber Is Rolling Out New Safety Features To Help Passengers

Uber is rolling out some new safety features to protect drivers and passengers.

A new feature called "ride check" on the Uber app will now detect an accident or unplanned stop.

The ride-hailing company will use data to determine if a stop seems unusual or if a car hasn't arrived to its final destination indicating an increased safety risk.

Drivers will also have access to a new hands-free feature, and an emergency button for the driver to quickly access help.  There are also some added privacy features which will ensure that riders and drivers can communicate through the Uber app without sharing their phone numbers.

Additionally, riders can now request trips using cross streets instead of an exact street address. And going forward, after the trip ends, the driver app will only show the general area where a trip started and ended, not the address.

Uber says you can expect to see these features in your app in the coming months. 



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