Girl Goes Bald On Facebook And Looks Exactly Like Her Dad

Have you ever looked at a photo of either you mom or dad and thought, "Wow, I really do look them them"? 

Meet Brooke Aspinall, she had no other choice but agree that she would look exactly like her dad if she went bald! Scrolling through Facebook one day, Brooke noticed a lot of people on her timeline were sharing their ‘what would you look like bald’ posts. So she decided to give it a try and the results were epic! 


I decided to give it a try thinking the outcome would be funny but little did I expect to look exactly like my dad!

As soon as I saw it I couldn’t stop laughing so I shared it on my Facebook and tagged my dad because I knew he’d find it just as funny as me. He commented loads of laughing faces, along with my grandma (dad’s mum) who couldn’t believe the resemblance!

I’ve always been told I looked like my dad but little did I know a funny link on Facebook making me bald would prove that.

I sent it my friends who found it just as funny as me. We couldn’t believe that I literally looked exactly like him. The funniest part was that if I went bald I’d look like a man (my dad). I could’ve at least looked like my mum. - Brooke Aspinall


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