Woman Meets Biological Dad for the First Time After Finding Him on Facebook

Greg Hicks had no idea he had a daughter until a month ago.

Michelle Cehn, 31, was born in October 1986 but was adopted immediately afterward by Joan Cehn, 68, and Joel Cehn, 71. Though she had a wonderful childhood, she always wondered about her birth parents.

“Growing up, I was always so curious and had a hunger and fascination and quest to hopefully one day find my birth mother and didn’t think it would be possible to find my birth father,” Cehn told SWNS.

Her dream to meet her mother came true in 2009 when her adoptive mom helped her track her birth mom down. She eventually decided to have her DNA tested on multiple genetic testing sites. This past April, a relative of her dad popped up and she reached out.

She then used Facebook to track down Hicks and message him. A paternity test confirmed he was in fact her dad. A little after that they met for the first time and their reactions are PRICELESS!

Watch below:


Source: Yahoo Stories


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