You Can Buy Justin Bieber's Underwear From A Museum In Canada

Beacon Herald

You better Beliebe this! A museum, Stratford Perth Museum, in Justin Bieber's hometown in Canada, is getting ready to sell a bunch of his memorabilia down to his underwear according to the Beacon Herald .

It's part of an exhibit called Justin Bieber: Steps To Stardom 2.0 from items that have been donated directly from Bieber and his family.

Here are some things you can expect to find:

  • Once-worn underwear by Bieber
  • Jerseys
  • Movie and concert merch/memorabilia

There will be over 60 items that you can start viewing February 16th at 9am at the Stratford Perth Museum! Maybe worth a trip to Canada?! For all you, the Biebs could show up too!

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