Ariana Grande Keeps Opening Up About Mac Miller

Ariana Grande has taken to the internet shedding light to her fans more and more as she processes her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller's recent death. She just recently responded directly to someone via twitter who shared a clip of Mac Miller playing some her music during Instagram live.

You can hear Mac listening to Ariana's song "R.E.M." You can hear Mac jokingly say "So is this technically, is this promoting the album, is that what I'm doing? Because if so, it's a pretty solid way, it's pretty easy."

Ariana responded very sweetly to the tweets saying thank you. (see below)

On another note... 

Some of Mac's fans are saying that Ariana might be taking advantage of the current situation (her recent album release & Mac Millers death) by pushing her song "Thank You, Next" where she mentions all of her ex's including mac calling him an "Angel" and saying that she wishes she could have thanked him. We're not sure what to make of it, she clearly had some very real feelings for Mac Miller but we want to know what you think? Drop a comment and check out these tweets.



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