Best Aretha Franklin Samples: Kanye West, Mod Def, Nas +

Aretha Franklins's soul music has inevitably made its way into some of Hip-Hops finest music. Artists like Mos Def, Kanye West, Big sean + more have dipped into her catalog for some of the best samples Hip-Hop has to offer. According to sources our queen of soul Aretha Franklin is reportedly "gravely ill". We wish the best to her and her loved ones. 


Arethra Franklin - Call Me


Slum Village Ft. John Legend Kanye West

Sample appears at 0:36 , 0:53 and 1:21


Aretha Franklin - One Step Ahead


Mos Def - ms fat booty

Sample appears at 0:01 (and throughout) 


Aretha Franklin - Spirit in the dark


Kanye West - School Spirit


Aretha Franklin - A Song For You


Nas - The Rise And Fall



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