#HotorNot: Bryce Vine - Drew Barrymore

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Pinning Bryce Vine down to one sound is tricky. There’s the bass-heavy reality rap he was baptized in, flying down Los Angeles’ freeways with his father. The bright and sunny pop aesthetic of a happy childhood in Manhattan. The DIY ethos of the punk band he formed in high school. The loose and breezy reggae and gospel ensembles of college.  #DrewBarrymore

“Honest emotion is missing in music. I want to be somebody who’s not tainted, someone they can root for,” Vine says. “I want to bring people together and leave the world a better place. That’s what drives me.”

Thank you @brycevine for stopping by the studio today! 🙌 Check out his new single #DrewBarrymore 🎵

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@brycevine stopped by today, even gave our girl @stephanypaigee her first prom photo 😂👏🏻

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