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Horoscope Quickes for Nov 29

Sagittarius- the future is coming, are you ready? Now is the time to think about long-term goals. What do you really desire? What does the life you really want to live look like.

Capricorn- there's a strong partnership here. If you're willing to go against tradition and break the rules you could experience equal parts give and take.

Aquarius- you could be sabotaging your future. Have you prioritized what you really want or are you following the trend?

Pisces- you now know there's hope. Even when the signs are subtle evidence that you are blessed still shows you there's always more than enough to be had.

Aries- this is go time! There's no more room for waiting or stalling. You know what you want and the steps it's going to take to get what you want. Do it, NOW

Taurus- You don't even believe you can do it and that's the real hold up. If you focused and got to work you could manifest everything you're dreaming of. Step 1 BELIVE IT

Gemini- things feel distant, messy, broken. Could it be time to create a new philosophy about home, love, and community.

Cancer- there's this nagging sense of anxiety playing like background music. It comes from lack of balance.

Leo- if you have to sneak around and do it you probably shouldn't do it. Deception doesn't serve you.

Virgo- The ending may not go as planned but there is a new chapter about to start

Libra- is that your intuition or your trauma? If it feels like fear or alarm it's your trauma.

Scorpio- drops your worries for a little and enjoy happiness!

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