Civic Cipher - Sunday, February 19th

In the first half of today’s show, we cover some recent news stories that we feel might be overlooked by mainstream media and give our thoughts on how they impact our realities.

In the second half of the show, we review some of the points made by a report called Race and Wrongful Convictions in the U.S. 2022 from the law school at the University of Michigan. In reviewing cases where people have been exonerated for crimes they didn’t commit; we look at the disproportionate amount of Black people who are affected by a criminal justice system that purports itself to deem everyone equally under the law to be ‘innocent until PROVEN guilty.’

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About Civic Cipher

Civic Cipher is a weekly radio show hosted by Ramses Ja and Q. Ward. This show is dedicated to empowering Black and Brown voices, allowing them to engage directly with their communities as well as the general population. Self-determination is critical to securing a future free of oppressive systems, and Civic Cipher exists to facilitate discussions toward this end. Furthermore, Civic Cipher seeks to inform non-POC allies who may not be privy to these types of discussions and optics. Finally, Civic Cipher seeks to provide long-form conversations in spaces where there is often a lack of significant resources, potent dialogue, or the necessary engagement for facilitating a healthy and productive civil discourse.

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