Arizona Man Meets Tinder Date, Gets Robbed At Gunpoint By Couple

Photo: Getty Images

A Phoenix man was lured to a hotel room before being unexpectedly robbed at gunpoint. The man thought he was going on a Tinder date with "Sonya," but ended up handing over his cell phone, ID cards, social media accounts, and bank information to a couple.

Daily Mail reported that the man was also taken in his own car to a bank and was forced to withdraw money. The couple, 32-year-old Jose Sandoval Jaquez and 33-year-old Crystal Hulsey allegedly stole a total of $3,000 from the man.

The couple stole the victim's car and went to Las Vegas. Police were able to locate the couple after several days on the run because they used their real names for hotel bookings.

Police later saw an ad online for an escort that matched Hulsey's number. They set up a time and place to meet the woman. The New York Post reported that when they pulled up to arrest the pair, the couple drove off quickly.

The couple's run ended when they collided with another vehicle on the wrong side of the highway. They attempted to steal another car to get away, but police arrested them before they were able to.

During an interview with police, the male suspect said that "he knew this would come back to get him."

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