Firefighters Rescue Reality TV Show Cast Filming On Arizona Mountain

Photo: Phoenix Fire Department

Firefighters rescued eight hikers who were suffering from heat-related issues off the Echo Canyon Trail at Camelback Mountain on Thursday (June 23).

Three of the hikers, ages 24, 42 and 50, were transported to a local hospital in stable condition, according to CBS News. The other five individuals were rescued by helicopter. Officials said the women started their hike at 7 a.m. and each person only had a small bottle of water.

"We had no idea going into it that this apparently was one of the hardest trails in Phoenix. I think they just have dehydration and things like that. In the name of Jesus, they're going to be OK!" Kristen Livingston said.

The group from out of town was on a women's retreat, apparently filming a reality TV show, according to the Phoenix Fire Department.

One of the hikers, Jasmine Hunter, said the group was filming Bad Girls Gone Good, a religious reality show. "When we get together, we praise, we worship, we do different activities that not only test our physical but our spiritual capabilities as well," Hunter said.

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