Eerie Alien Doorway Photographed On Mars By NASA's Rover

Photo: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

For over a year, NASA's Perseverance rover has been rolling all over the Red Planet as part of its mission to collect rock samples and to seek out past, and perhaps even current, signs of life. During that time, it's amassed plenty of data to help scientists, but it's also captured some very interesting images from an "alien boot," to metallic wreckage to a flying UFO to what looks like an alien. Now, Perseverance has sent back a photo of what appears to be a doorway, and it is eerily similar to the doorways the Egyptians built on their tombs.

The image looks so much like an Egyptian doorway that UFO Sightings Daily made an entire video comparing the two.

UFO Sightings Daily also claims to have found other doorways in that same area that all seem to be the same height and width. They also think there is a large figure near the doors similar to Egypt's Sphinx, and in another they video they cited all their evidence.

Many commenters on the videos were blown away, but skeptics insist it is just natural rock formations. No word yet on what NASA has to say about it. You can see larger shots of the doorway on the Space Agency's official Mars mission online photograph repository here and here.

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