WATCH: Helicopter Rescues Man Stranded On 500-Foot Cliff In California

Dramatic video captured a daring helicopter rescue of a man who found himself stranded on a 500-foot cliff in California. A fisherman spotted the man stuck on Mussel Rock, which is near Daly City in San Mateo County.

The California Highway Patrol determined it was nearly impossible for rescuers to scale the cliff to rescue the man and requested a helicopter to reach him.

The CHP dispatched an H-30 helicopter, which had to battle high winds as an officer was hoisted down to the victim.

"We were battling 30-40 knot winds," Brent Marker, who was piloting the helicopter, told KGO.

He placed the man in a rescue harness, and the two were transported to a nearby landing zone, where they were met by paramedics. The man was not injured but was taken to the hospital as a precaution.

"Miraculously, he had only scrapes and bruises, that's about it," flight officer and paramedic David Arias to the news station. "He was pretty grateful to see us and ready to get off the cliff for sure."

Officials did not say how the man ended up stranded on the cliff face.

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