Video Captures Dust Devil Trailing Through Arizona Town

Photo: Getty Images

A dust devil was spotted making its way across Kingman, Arizona, and it was all caught on camera. Fox 10 Phoenix reported that viewer Melissa Taylor caught the video of the wind phenomenon.

Though the video was taken from a distance, the footage clearly shows the well-formed dust devil moving across the area.

Dust devils are a common wind phenomenon that happen throughout the world, including Arizona. The National Weather Service stated on their website, "The dust-filled vortices, created by strong surface heating, are generally smaller and less intense than a tornado." However, they can still cause quite intense damage to some structures

Check out the video that Fox 10 Phoenix posted on YouTube below:

In February, a powerful dust devil ripped through the Bullhead City area, also being caught on camera.

In the video, you can see the dust devil moving through the area, causing damage to several different buildings and tearing down power lines. The dust devil lifted a portion of a building into the air and could be seen slinging debris into the surrounding areas.

The video also clearly shows the roof of a building being torn off and thrown into the air. The debris can be seen flying across the street. Check it out below:

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