Civic Cipher - Sunday, February 20th

In the first half of today's show, we challenge the attacks that many right-wing pundits launched toward the decidedly Hip-Hop Super Bowl halftime show. From their cries that the show was overly sexualized to calls to ban Hip Hop outright, we felt that it was necessary to challenge these unfair, unfounded, and unwarranted claims that we percieve to be an attack on Black culture and its rightful place on the national stage.

The second half of the show asks a question that comes up frequently in our show in different ways. In our estimation, melanin is seen as violent, criminal, threatening...especially by police. We cite recent examples of this and offer our thoughts on how things are unfolding around us. We also finally get the chance to discuss Amir Locke who was killed during a no-knock raid in Minneapolis. Our Way Black History Fact explores the barbaric and racist origins of the carnival favorite dunk tank. We discuss the game called African Dodger.

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