Civic Cipher - Sunday, December 12th

In the first half of today's episode, we discuss a national story about a Black couple who received an appraisal on their home...only to have it increased by nearly a half-million dollars when they got a White couple to stand in for them. We also discuss how this and other things affect Black wealth or lack thereof. Furthermore, we share examples of our own where whitewashing was what we felt we had to do in order to be treated fairly.

In the second half of today's show, we discuss several examples of police bullying or otherwise failing to meet the callings of their oaths. We had many examples to choose from this week and all of them felt important, but bullying underscored them all. With qualified immunity, the blue wall of silence, and no real repercussions for abuse, examples like these are innumerable and it felt like we should view this through a larger lens rather than just focusing on one example. Our Way Black History Fact is about the Stanford Experiments that give some insight into how people can abuse their peers when they have been given a position of "authority" and all other things are equal.

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