Civic Cipher - Sunday, December 5th

In the first half of today's show, we discuss Islamophobic comments made by Lauren Boebert which have been deemed offensive by Muslim-Americans. We also make the connection from trumpism to behaviors like this which have become more commonplace in recent years. In this segment, we also recognize Barbados and Rihanna for our Ebony Excellence.

In the second part of today's episode, we revisit last week's topic about the Rittenhouse verdict to make sure we acknowledge a few minor things that we missed. We also took the time to acknowledge that the world is changing and how alarming that must be for White in particular. We also make it a point to hold our ground with respect to the stance the program takes in response to White supremacy and White supremacist institutions. For our Way Black History Fact, we take a look at the Black Codes that were enacted during reconstruction.

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