Dramatic Video Shows UPS Driver Rescue Boy After 97-Pound Box Falls On Him

Before doorbell cameras were invented, we must have missed so many things that happened in our front yards because they weren't filmed. Now that millions of people have the surveillance system though, the world gets to see all the craziness the doorbell cameras record. There have been videos of ghosts, cheating boyfriends, angry delivery drivers, alien abductions, baby dinosaurs, and of course, porch pirates. Now, one Illinois family's doorbell camera has filmed a dramatic rescue.

The footage shows a four-year-old named Max who loves to bring in the packages left on his home's front step, however, the 40-pound boy didn't realize the latest box that was dropped off weighed over twice what he does. As the 97-pound package falls on Max, he screams for help. From all the way down their long front path, by his truck in the street, the UPS man hears the boy's distress calls and sprints over to save him, just as Max gets trapped under the box and it starts to crush him.

That delivery driver, Marco Angel, spoke to CBS Chicago, telling them, "As soon as I saw the package tilt, I just started running back to it. I pictured my boys in his situation. Obviously, you go into, kind of into full parent mode or full dad mode to make sure the kid is alright."

After Max's mom came out, she thanked Marco and went to bring the package in, but Marco insisted he would take it inside. She later told him he lived up to his last name, saying, "You are our angel, the way you flew in and helped him." She hopes UPS gives Marco a bonus or makes him employee of the month for his heroic actions. As for Max, he is okay, telling CNN that he only got an "ouchie" from the incident.

Photo: Dave Basner