Starbucks Has A New, Very Shiny Hologrpahic Mermaid Tumbler & I Need This

Starbucks has a new tumbler and I need everyone to stop what they're doing to help me find it! I love their cups and it's fun to collect/find them. These new cups have been spotted on social media and they're holographic with a delicate scale-like design on it that gives off mermaid vibes!

According to Delish,

This mermaid cup has been spotted by quite a few Instagram users who were sure to show off their new Starbucks swag to their followers. One user, @azurestandstorm, posted a photo of her tumbler next to a mermaid keychain with the caption, "Am I taking the mermaid theme too far?" Uhhh, obviously not!

Has anyone spotted these yet? Have you found them?

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