11 Facts (With Sexy Photos) Of Jordin Sparks' New Husband Dana Isaiah

On Tuesday (Nov. 14), we learned that Jordin Sparks eloped with her boyfriend Dana Isaiah in a Hawaiian ceremony in July 2017. It was also revealed that the singer was pregnant with their first child. 

“We’re both really excited,” the star told PEOPLE about her husband. “He’s been like, ‘I want to shout it from the mountain tops!’ We’re really proud to be married to each other and to be celebrating this.”

Sparks' added about her pregnancy: “It’s been really crazy because everything changes. Once we got over the initial shock of it, now again just like it is with the marriage, to be able to share that this amazing thing is happening, it’s such a great thing. We did this together!”

Now, many people don't know too much about Sparks' new hubby. The only thing that most know so far is that he's a sexy AF model. So, we've decided to list some facts -- and hot photos -- of the singer's love. Take a look below to learn more about Mr. Dana Isaiah. You're welcome, ladies. 

1) He Loves To Works Out -- And It Shows


2) He Used To Play Basketball At Southeastern University


3) He's A Big Family Man -- He Just Loves His Nephew


4) He's Very Compassionate


5) He Has A Sense Of Humor 


6) He's Younger Than His Wife -- Sparks Is 27 And He's 25


7) He's Religious -- Christian To Be Exact


8) He's A Dog Person


9) In Case You Need More Convincing, He's A Model


10) Did We Mention That He Likes To Work Out? 


11) And Oh Yeah... He Exercises.


Photo: Getty Images


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