Complex continues to make his mark on the Music Industry not only as a talented on-air DJ, In the Club and behind the scenes as well.

Complex was first exposed to the turntables while he was just twelve years old. His love for music and creativity were the initial tools that set in motion the early stages of his Radio Career. Before he knew it, His positive reputation as a mixer lead him to an unexpected chance opportunity. Certainly at the right place at the right time, The fifteen year old was then asked to perform a live set On-Air with former Los Angeles Radio Station, Groove Radio. It was at that exact moment where he realized that music would play a major impact for the rest of his life.

Over the years Complex has grown to be one of the hardest working DJ's in the country, working in such markets as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Phoenix, Riverside and Boise. He has also traveled the world as a full time mixer for one of Fashions Trendiest Clothing Companies. Complex can now be heard live on Hot 98.3 mixing the Saturday Night Street Party. When he is not on the air, Complex takes on a full load of responsibilities in the Programming Department. He takes the job very seriously and realizes that with every long night and/or early morning there is a complete pay-off upon interacting with listeners.