Brandon T. Jackson experienced racial discrimination in 2013 by a US Airways flight attendant. The flight attendant said that she would not serve him even if he was Obama’s son.

Though the incident went public and covered by multiple news outlets, US Airways never apologized to Brandon. Brandon gives his side of the event below:

“I was hoping ya brought this up. I want to clear up my name right here, thank you. the lady said she didn’t want to serve me and said I was too loud. I didn’t even drink. I asked her for a drink. She said to me ‘n***a, I don’t care if you Obama son.’ She was white. …

“The way they painted me. TMZ painted me like I was Lamar Odom in the exit row or something. I was rehearsing lines, not doing lines. I wasn’t loud, I was just chillin. There was this reunion going on and the old ladies in front of us was loud and they was Caucasian. I was trying to tell her [the flight attendant] it was not us, it was them. they didn’t believe it."

Did he ever get arrested for it?

“No, I didn’t get arrested. TMZ is not a credible source.”

The issue was bigger than Brandon and he’s unable to protest using the service, he used US Airways to fly in for his Breakfast Club interview.

“I flew US Airways here! I mean, it was just that one lady. You can’t blame the whole airline for just one lady. No, [they never apologized]. No, [they didn’t issue a statement]. They didn’t give me nothing. they didn’t do nothing, it went very corporate. They got a bigger mic than me right now. what can I do? They gon’ paint me how they want to paint me and that’s what it is.” 

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