T.I. briefly addressed Azealia Banks' attempt to call him out once again. "No Mediocre" is T.I.'s newest single and Banks tweeted that his wife, Tiny, is mediocre.

 T.I. "Who is that? [Referring to Azealia Banks] She throwing shots?"

Charlmagne Tha God: "Yeah. She said that you don't want no mediocre but have you seen your wife? Why does she continue to poke at you?"

T.I. "Now listen man, I think one thing that I have always maintained is a no tolerance policy when it come to me and my families [sic]. I'm not finna tough wrestle with nobody. Me and whoever, we got an issue? When I see him I'ma address that issue. It ain't gon' go the way they want it to go. I believe she better back down off that plank 'cause it's sharks out there."

Check out the full interview below.

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