Ras Baraka is winning Mayor of Newark, NJ and he came by the Breakfast Club to discuss his involvement in politics, the growth of Newark, gang control and more.

Ras was very excited to express his vision of development for the city of Newark despite the negative perceptions of the city.

"Newark is a wonderful place. We have the most popular seaport in the country. We have five to six major universities there. We're international, the city of transportation and logistics. We have the most fiber optic cables than any other city in the area. We are prime to do incredible development in the area. Newark is a growing city, it's going to be a destination city. Everybody is moving out of Manhattan. They moved out of Hoboken. They moving out of Jersey City and they're coming to Newark. Newark is going to grow. It's going to be on of the better city in New Jersey."

His thoughts on the negative perception of Newark.

"I think that the safety is real, but at the end of the day it is also a brand. People go to Mardi Gras every year. They got to New Orleans. They go to the Essence Festival. People are getting killed in New Orleans, it's probably one of the poorer cities in the nation. Nobody said 'I'm not going to Mardi Gras because people are getting killed. ... The reality is the fact that we keep saying Newark is a horrible place. Newarkers [sic] especially and people outside of Newark are saying that is what creates the problem that we have. We always have to focus on the positive." 

See the Mayor of Newark, NJ speak below: