If the shoes were on the the other foot, Gunplay would not have been able to maintain his composure if Solange swung on him.

Gunplay stated that no matter how much money he's worth, or what female family member were to attack him, he'd come at her hard.

"She would have got the bidness [sic]. I don't care [if she a female]. You wanna run up on a n**a like you a n***a, I'ma whoop you like a n***a. 

"You run up on me with all that rah, rah, rah and kicking and punching. I don't care how much I'm worth. I'ma spend it. I'ma spend it on a lawyer, that's why I got money. ...

"He [Jay Z] did the smart thing. He's a bigger man [than me]."

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Photo Credit: Power 105.1

Written by @IamVanessaDenis.