There's some tension between Donnell Rawlings and Lord Jamar. A while back, Lord Jamar made an alarming comment about rap music belonging to blacks only. 

Donnell replied to Lord Jamar's statement in an interview and said that he boxed "himself in" with such strong views.

Lord Jamar heard about the interview and kept attacking Donnell's mentions. At the present time, Donnell doesn't want to be bothered and summarized his feelings on the Brand Nubian recording artist. 

"Mr. Jamar or whatever the f*** his name is. He went back and forth with Marlon Wayans, I just think that he's a bitter person that doesn't have a career right now.

"You just sit there to wait for your timeline to blow up to react to something. Get in the studio, man. People want to see you [Lord Jamar] make music."

Donnell continues:

"In fact, people didn't even know you when they knew you. Listen to what I'm saying. In Brand Nubian, when you think of Brand Nubian who the first people you think of? Grand Puba and Sadat X.

"My point is, People didn't even know you when they knew you. At the height of your career, people wasn't really checking for you like that. You want to come at me, do what people know you for. They don't know you to be an activist."

Whew! Donnell went in on Lord Jamar. Do you think he was too hard on him?

Here is the full interview where Donnell expounds on a few other topics.

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