Noreaga and Capone reflect on the time Biggie Smalls heard Capone freestyle for him. The freestyle was so impressive to Biggie that he was ready to sign Capone which were words that scared Noreaga.

In the interview, Noreaga kept it real and said that he thought the group was over.

Capone: Can I tell my Big story? This is real ‘cause every artist out there listening –this can be you. I was driving in my car and I was listening to the radio and I hear Big on the radio. So, I’m telling trav [sic] I wanna go rap for Big. I’m feeling real little kiddish right now.


Noreaga: I’ma be honest, you’re starting off the story wrong. Let me tell the story. We were going up there to freestyle. Big was there earlier at the station [and] we walked in front of the station and I .. [asked] Can you kick a 16? Big kicked a 16. Biggie rapped then he [Capone] rapped. When he rapped Big lost his mind. I was too scared to rap for Big. … It was crazy, I was like ‘damn, I don’t think we gonna be a group no more.’ I’ma keep it a hundred!