Beenie Man is back on the music scene and he came by The Breakfast Club to get everyone caught up.

For starters, Beenie Man’s newest EP, The Greatest Gallis comes through independent efforts because he was tired of working with a major label.

Outside of music, Beenie Man is a firm believer in karma even though it hurts and haunts you later on in life. This topic came up when the group began to discuss the differences between men and women.

Women, says Beenie Man, cannot go and cheat on a man and still “be a lady.” When it comes to men, they just “have needs” and will cheat.

Angela Yee felt trumped by this because she believes it’s better to make cheating unacceptable for both genders. Beenie Man heard her point of view and shook his head in disagreement.

Beenie Man did say that if a woman ever cheated on her husband, he’d be hurt and would understand its karma.

Beenie Man: Yeah, [getting cheated on] it hurts. You go doom, doom, doom. But there’s no tears crying here. Seriously, because you [a man] do it [cheat] a lot of times. So, what goes around comes around.

Angela Yee: So, you do feel like it was karma for you and all the things you did?

Beenie Man: Yes. There you go [nods in agreement].

Watch the full interview now: