When headlines flooded the Internet that August Alsina disliked Trey Songz, it shocked many.

Even DJ Envy was shocked and he asked August about the fractured friendship. Everything looked great on the outside because Trey joined the "I Luv This S**" remix and brought him out onstage a few times.

"It really ain't as big of a deal as people made it. I made the comment and another part that wasn't in the interview, you know how they do.

"I made the comment because they [the interviewer] kept asking me about him. If it's in my heart, I gotta say it. I be fake if I let you say, Oh, yeah they buddy buddy,' and I know that ain't what it is. The comment was not to start a beef because that's what n*** is saying. N*** don't want beef with me 'cause I really do this street s***. It was to say, 'look man, don't ask me about the n*** no more!' Period."

Also, August is making too much money for the "beef" to stem from any money issues.

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