So your guy Chris Brown was in the studio last night making music with Tyga, Lil Boosie, who btw is also fresh outta jail and non other than Bronx rapper Royce! 

ANNNND... J.lo is also feeling the "Chris Brown Effect" she has been teasing everyone about a new single with Chris that he actually co wrote called "Emotions" which will be released on J.lo's upcoming album A.K.A.

BUT THE BEST MOVE YET FROM BREEZY... Scaring Drake off from the Maxium Hot 100 Party! The story it that Drake showed up to the event about 12:15, chilled with T.I. for a short while until he heard that CHRIS BROWN walked into the party... without skipping a beat... DRAKE LEFT THE PARTY!

Chris Brown came out of jail with the intention to make more music and leave that old life behind... it might be working??